Learn how to use priPrinter


Very basic demonstration of how priPrinter works.

Video demonstration of printing to priPrinter

This manual is a quick start guide for the priPrinter software.


Collection of small howtos in many areas of priPrinter. Each of them is not large enough to be a tutorial and at the same time was not so frequently asked to be in FAQ.
This manual shows how you can customize priPrinter software.
Shows how to remove redundant pages.
If you are concerned with spending too much money on ink or toner, you should try special priPrinter mode.
priPrinter 6.0 can help with printing Excel tables.
In this tutorial we'd like to explain how to remove empty borders.
Explains how to redact or highlight text.
How to do page numbering in priPinter.
Explains how to print multiple copies of your documents.
Shows the way to print via priPrinter and suppress print preview preview.
Shows how print preview solution can be used in school class.


This demonstration shows how to create PDF file in priPrinter software.
In this tutorial we explain how to automatically print documents on letterheads.

Complete step by step tutorials:

Step by step instruction of how to make booklet from PDF file.
Print a banner, poster or large drawing.
In this tutorial we are going to explain how to print two pages on the one sheet of paper.
In this tutorial we explain how to automatically print documents on letterheads .

Duplex printing:

Explanation of how to configure printer with auto duplexes for priPrinter.
Shows how priPrinter can help with double sided printing on ordinary printer without hardware duplexer.


Describes difference between original and one page layout and few more things.
This manual is a quick start guide for print themes in priPrinter software. It contains the information you will need to create your own theme and begin using it in your workflow.
Explains how to solve problems with missing or wrong text and graphics.
Sometimes printer may print page in a little bit wrong place or scale graphics a bit. It could be because of mechanical problems or wrong drivers. This topic explain how to fix this.
Few easy steps for configuring priPrinter with MS Terminal Server.