PDF Bookmarks

priPrinter is able to automatically create bookmarks in generated PDF.
In case of many jobs, separate bookmark is created (optional). Also, it is possible to create bookmarks for headers and/or any other textual parts, repesented with different font.

For instance, it is possible to automatically create bookmarks for:

  • Well structured documents with multilevel headers and chapters. MS Word documents will be handled quite good.
  • Products catalog.
  • Questions and answers – if question itself was printed with special font.

Only one condition is mandatory – text to be bookmarked must be represented with help of special font. For instance regular text is printed with Calibri 11pt font, while first header with Calibri Light 16 pt, second header could be Calibri Light 13 pt.

For demonstration purposes we’ve just printed sample document from MS Word. It’s easy to see one big title and few sub headings. In the rest part of this tutorial we will show hot to automatically create bookmarks for such documents.

Document to be bookmarked


The easiest way of defining bookmark creation rules is in following:

Right Click on the main document title and in context menu select “Add heading level…”.

Add Heading Level

Dialog with bookmark properties will appear. Do not close it and find another heading. Right click on it again, in context menu select “Add heading level…”. Dialog will look in as on image below.

Bookmark Options

In case if order is wrong, just drag items with mouse. In case if headings of one level may be defined with different fonts, arrange these items on the same line – one line is one heading level. This is almost everything.

If you want to delete item, Right Click on it and select “Delete” from context menu. Double click on item in order to modify it manually.

This is how bookmarks look in priPrinter.

Ready PDF Bookmarks in priPrinter

Or, just created PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

PDF Bookmarks in Adobe Acrobat


Bookmark properties can be displayed by pressing on Options button in bookmarks panel.

Button for bookmarks options


  • It is possible to save font setting and switch between them depending on your document.
  • In case of two and more jobjs, priPrinter creates bookmark for print job. For a single job, bookmark is not created. This is the default behaviour.
  • It is possible to rename bookmark in bookmarks panel.