priPrinter can be customized in order to meet your own needs. The main things you can change in priPrinter are:


Select File , Options…. In Options dialog select Customize tab. Select Language in drop down list. You will need to restart priPrinter in order to see changes. Also you may click on Quick Launch bar and select your language in the list.

Color theme

You can choose from White, Blue, Gray, High Contrast black, Windows 8 or Windows 8 Light Gray. Select File , Options…. In Options dialog select Customize tab. Pick  theme name from drop down list.

Quit by Esc key

You may want to quit from print preview with Esc key. It’s possible to enable such functionality.
Open Options dialog, select Advanced tab. Toggle "Fast quit on Esc key".

Quick launch bar buttons

"Print Now", "Print and Exit", "Number of copies", "Print now to another printer", Undo/Redo, View Full Screen and more. Just click on Quick Launch barand select required button. You may RClick on this button later and delete it via menu. Print To button can be renamed via RClick and Selecting Rename item.

Quick Launch Customize

It’s possible to reduce size of main print buttons. priPrinter with small button looks in the following way:

Customize Print Buttons

Aero effect for tabs and quick launch bar

Open Options dialog, select Customize tab. Toggle Enable Aero checkbox. When Aero effect is disabled, priPrinter may look in the following way:

priPrinter without Aero effect

Position of Printers drop down list

It can be on the left or on the right.

Default is right side.

Right Side

However you can move it to the left side and reduce ribbon height a bit.

Left Side


There are more options to configure. For instance you can reduce height of print buttons, enable print history window.

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