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I’m working in the wholesale and retail trade department in a large cosmetics company, and my issue of the day is printing. Reports, posters and booklets… At this time I need to print a booklet with a new group of products with prices, and send it out to our stores and dealers. We’ve got lots of magazines, but not enough for all of our partners. I should print and send out additional copies from already done PDF file.

So I need a compact handy booklet. Actually I need a program which allows to make that. Do not forget to save paper, ink and time!

I was searching through the internet, and I found priPrinter. According to the description it looks very exciting. There is the two-sided printing and save ink and everything is simple and easy. Let’s see…

Download the standard version and install it.


I’ve got the material in the PDF, so I need just print it with priPrinter. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the Print button and select priPrinter in the Printer List.

Document in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Immediately priPrinter opens. I can see my document, but only one page of 36. Oh no… I have to go again in Adobe Acrobat Reader to my PDF, click on the Print button and check that print all pages is selected. Now everything is ok – I see all the 36 pages.

Document in priPrinter

So, I select the brochure mode in the page layout tab. I’m getting the look of paper sheet with two pages. Now I should define gutter position and size. Position is correct already, but I want to adjust its size a bit. I click on it and drag to required size. I can do the same in page properties dialog by typing exact size, but I’m fine with mouse drag.

Next task is to move pages on top of the paper. Every page should be in the same position as other pages. Size should be equal as well. In order to achieve this, I can make bottom margin bigger. Again, I can do this in Page Properties dialog and with help of mouse. In this case prefer mouse. So I’m clicking on the bottom margin and dragging it up. Margin becomes bigger, pages go up. When everything is fine I’m releasing mouse button. In the same way I can adjust any margin or play again with the bottom.

Ok, I’ve got a lot of empty space in the bottom and I can use it for providing information about our company: address, phone, e-main, Fax, something else.

Document in priPrinter with adjusted margins

I go to Insert tab, click on Text button. By placing mouse on any page I may define initial position of text.

I’m trying to move it below pages, but can’t do it. Position of text is limited by some border line. By default position of text is limited to the page and it can be printed on this page only. I should put this text on the all pages, and… below source pages. I’m clicking on this text in order to somehow customize this text, if possible. Properties dialog appearing. I go to “Common” tab and select “Whole sheet of paper”, also I should uncheck [X] Current paper check box. Now I can move text to any position and it displayed on all pages.

I go back to that dialog, in the first tab I change “Text” to details of our company, select some good color and font. Click on Apply. Everything is fine after some final adjustment of position. Text is displayed on the both pages of booklet paper, same with front and back side.

I can switch to 3d mode by clicking on 3D View in the right bottom corner of this program.

Document in priPrinter. 3D Preview mode

My brochure looks like real one and can flip over pages by mouse wheel or scrollbar on the right. Everything is perfect, but how it will look after printing? Let’s see.


So, I’m going to print booklet from 36 source pages. Two pages on each side of paper sheet, two sides. Finally booklet should be made of 9 sheets of paper. After printing I will need to fold in two and staple them together. Thanks god, my printer can print on both sides of paper, so after putting paper in it, I may click on the Print button.

Real Booklet

I get 9 sheets of paper, I fold in two each sheet. Finally, my booklet is ready and I can print it as many as we need.

Final rezult

Real booklet looks exactly the same as it was on my monitor, no bad surprises. Everything was simple! What you see is what you might expect.

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