Upgrade from previous versions

  • If you purchased priPrinter on or after 22 October 2013, you don’t have to do anything. Your license code should work with current version.
  • If you’re a registered user of priPrinter 4.0 or later, and purchased your priPrinter license on or after 14 April 2011, you qualify for a free upgrade. However you may need to ask for a new key.
  • If you purchased a priPrinter license before 14 April 2011, upgrades to priPrinter 6.0 are 40% of the full price. E.g. discount is 60%.

How to upgrade?

In both cases please contact us and provide:

  • Your name and current email.
  • Email used for purchase – if different from current one.
  • Order number and date – not required but may help us to respond faster.

We will send you new key or coupon code which can be used on our order page.

Just an example:
I want to upgrade to priPrinter 6.0 Standard (Professional Edition)
My old email:  [email protected]


Please contact us.

Limited time offer: If you purchased priPrinter Standard Edition before 14 April 2011 you can upgrades to priPrinter 6.0 Professional Edition at regular upgrade price. Just go to our order page and select Upgrade from Standard to Professional Edition.