Tips and Tricks

It would be incredibly helpful if the FIND function could have an additional function allowing automatic highlighting of all found occurances in the current Highlight colour. EG as well as “Find Next” add a button that says “Find and Highlight All”.

This is possible with Find and Replace dialog. Use Replace tab, check X Highlight checkbox. Leave replace blank. Click replace or replace all.

Find and Replace dialog

In the same way it is possible to change font for all found occurances.

I have a printer with multiple trays, some with A4 other with A3. How do I setup priprinter so that if I have a document that has specified A3 as paper size, priprinter automatically selects A3 on this printer?

It should be possible. Just enable per tray printer configurations in Printer Options dialog. After checking, close this dialog.

TRay Options

Configure required tray for A3 or A4, switch to another tray and configure it for A4 (or A3). You can change paper size via bottom bar. After that you can switch tray from top list and paper size should be selected correctly.

Say I use to print in 3 modes:
1) regular print (1 page per A4 page),
2) 2 pages in an A4 page,
3) booklet.
Can I save a setup (like margins etc.) and load it when I print in that mode or do I have every time to set it up again?

You may use priPrinter themes.

How to do a silent install for priPrinter ?

Use the /S switch with the installer. Note the uppercase S.
For instance:

priPrinterProSetup.exe /S