How to enter registration code

If you purchased priPrinter before November 2013 you may need obtain new key.

In order to enter Registration code (serial number) you should start priPrinter application. You may do it by printing to priPrinter or by selecting priPrinter in MS Windows Start menu.

1 Click on Enter key button.

Enter Key on the ribbon

This button may be hidden in case if width of the window is too small or if priPrinter Professional is registered with Standard key. In that case, second method may be used.

2 Select File menu and About… menu item.

Enter key menu

In About dialog click on Enter Key button. In case if you are upgrading priPrinter from Standard to Professional this button may be renamed to Upgrade.

About Dialog

In the following dialog just paste your email and registration key. Click Register.

Enter Key Dialog

  • The key ( or serial number) and email are case sensitive!
  • Please do not share your key with others!

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