Education Pricing

priPirnter is perfect for schools. It can be your personal print assistant or used in a school class as tool for group printing.

priPrinter software is available at an education discounts for students, teachers and institutions. Regular dsicount is 30%. You can purchase priPrinter for your personally owned computer or computers owned by your school.

Who Qualifies?

To save with education pricing you must be a student, a student accepted to college, a parent buying for a student, teacher, facility or a stuff member.

Proof of Eligibility

Please provide your full name, name of your university, your grade or position. You must present a document issued by instituon with your name, institution name and date. It can be:

  • Student ID card or
  • School ID card or
  • Report card or
  • Tuition bill.

Contact us if you are unclear about how to qualify.

Contact us

You may send scanned document or make a photo with your mobile phone. Please contact us from our サポートページ.

Sensitive information may be removed in image editor.

We’ll send you a coupon code which you can use in our order page.